Best Tablet Computers to Buy for Work in 2021

Best Tablet Computers

Tablets are very useful nowadays and people are searching for the best tablet computers to work with. You can use the tablet to watch movies, listen to music, and as an artist to draw digital graphics. There are a variety of tablets to use for different purposes. But, are you confused about choosing the right one? Don’t worry, as we are here to discuss the best android tablet computers 2021. 


There may be some questions in your mind like what is the best tablet for home use, drawing, University students, gaming, and artist? What is the best tablet to buy for business with a keyboard? You can get all the answers here as we are going to discuss the best tablet in 2021 reviews. Keep reading if you want to know all about them.


Apple iPad Air


Apple iPad Air tablet is a wonderful tablet computer for video editing, drawing, and sketches. You can also use it for your classes and other purposes. It is overall the best android tablet 2021. Let’s discuss its features.

Best Tablet Computers



  • 10.9 inches liquid retina display
  • A14 Bionic chip
  • Touch ID
  • 7MP front and 12MP back camera
  • Good quality audio
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • USB-C charger
  • Magic keyboard, smart keyboard, and apple pencil


Apple iPad Air is the best tablet for students in 2021 as it has many quality features to satisfy. Not only for students, but it is also the best tablet computer for drawing and editing. It acts more like a computer and has a wonderful framework with many capabilities. It has a display of 10.9 inches with a touch ID system for your privacy. 


In this way, no one can access your table, and you can keep your privacy. However, it comes with an A14 Bionic chip to enhance its capabilities like editing videos on Photoshop. When you’ll know its performance on running personally. 


In this tablet, the graphics have better performance than others. If you are thinking about which brand of tablet is best, then you should consider the Apple iPad Air. You can have a much better typing experience with pencil, keyboard, and touch features. Besides these, it has an iOS design and external protection. The only problem is that you may receive the USA charger if you are purchasing from Australia.


Best Things To Know:


  • A14 Bionic chip
  • Touch ID
  • Good typing experience
  • Audio quality


Things We Don’t Like:


  • USA charger can be a problem if you purchase it from Australia.


Apple Pro 11 2021


Apple Pro 11 comes with high-performance features that make it more valuable than its previous models. After the Apple iPad Air, it is one of the best tablet computers but has a high price tag. Let’s discuss its features.


Apple Pro 11 2021



  • M1 chip for excellent performance
  • 12.9-inch liquid retina display
  • Wide, ultra-wide, and centre stage camera
  • LiDAR scanner
  • 24 hrs battery life
  • Thunderbolt port
  • Face ID lock
  • Quality microphones
  • Magic, pencil, and touch keyboard


Apple Pro 11 2021 comes with a 5G speed and XDR display. Now, you can have a better experience because of its M1 chip that enhances its performance. You’ll experience much better graphics and you can do quality editing. There is a thing you know about the display as some people have problems with it. If you are sensitive to the screen, then you should avoid this tablet. Because it has a black display with white light that can irritate you. 


However, if you don’t have any problem, then you can use it easily. It is very useful for gamers because of its high quality of performance. If you have connectivity concerns, then it’ll help you a lot as it has high-speed connectivity. 


You can have high-quality pictures and videos as it comes with three quality cameras. 


Best Things To Know:


  • M1 chip
  • Excellent quality camera
  • LiDAR scanner
  • Typing experience
  • Audio quality


Things We Don’t Like:


  • Heavy as compared to others
  • The dark display can be a problem for some people


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus


Are you looking for a low-budget best tablet computers for gaming, assignments, and work? This model will resolve your problem. Let’s discuss its features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plu



  • Can switch to a portable PC with an additional keyboard
  • Large display
  • Fast charging with a USB-C port
  • Have dual back and a single front camera
  • 13Mp wide and 5Mp ultra-wide back camera
  • 8Mp front camera
  • 1TB expandable storage


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus comes with significant features that will enhance the work capability and gaming. With the long battery life, you can finish your work on time along with 1TB of expandable storage. In addition to these, a large screen with a touch pen makes it easy to use for work and assignments.


It is the best PC tablet as you can switch it to PC mode via an additional keyboard. The lock is of a fingerprint scanner to make it more secure than others. However, you’ll get a premium feature on it as it has ad-free YouTube. 


Best Things To Know:


  • Can switch to PC
  • Large Display
  • Fast Charging
  • USB-C port


Things We Don’t Like:


  • You have to purchase an additional keyboard for PC mode
  • Hard to operate with fingers


Buying Guide:


You should consider the following things before purchasing the tablet;


Connectivity reflects the speed of the performance. So, make sure you have a high connectivity speed.


The display should be of high resolution for different purposes, like drawing, videos, etc.


The camera matters in capturing anything with high resolution. Always check the capacity and nature of the cameras.


Sound Quality is a necessary thing to listen to videos on different topics.


Battery Life reflects the completion of the work. 


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