Is Meta FX Global Scam | Forex Market Legit or Scam

Is Forex Legit or Scam?

Is Meta FX Global Scam

What is Forex? Is Forex Legit or Scam

The Forex Market or FX is a trading Market, which is considered to be the leading market of the world. In the Forex Market stock exchanges take place on daily basis, whereas the trade is usually around worth five trillion Dollars.

In Forex Market the trade does not stop at all, it provides 24/7 service to the people living in different corners of the world, if the trade closes in New York it reopens in Hong Kong and Tokyo. In Paris trade of currencies take place either with US Dollar or with Euro. Companies and individuals are greatly benefited due to steady fluctuations of rates, making a hell of money.

Forex Market| Forex Trading for Beginners

What is a Forex Broker?

A Forex Broker is a financial services firm that gives traders access to a trading platform where they can buy and sell currencies. In the Forex Market transactions always take place between duos of two diverse currencies, pointing that Forex is for short Foreign exchange. Forex Broker can also be called with other names such as Currency Trading Broker or Retail Forex Broker.

Is Forex Legit or Scam?

Undoubtedly, the Forex Market is a legitimate one where the trade of the World’s currencies occurs, it is not a Scam at all. One cannot imagine buying imports, sell exports, enjoying holiday trips, or do business across the border without Forex Market. High influence or power which is the cause of making a lot of money, attract the inexperienced traders to make benefit and the scammers also take advantage of the irregularity of exchange trade so that they can make most of it.


Often a question is raised by the scammers, “If Forex is a Pyramid scheme”, the answer to this question is No, it is not a Pyramid scheme, but one may encounter a variety of scams in the world of Forex. A Forex scammer is assured with tremendously huge profit with little or no economic risk at all.

The first and foremost thing to be cleared is there is nothing like a 100% guarantee, if so, it would never be shared with other competitors of the Market. The offers provided by Forex Market are usually attractive and appealing, specifically to the beginnings but one must remember that ‘Not all that glitters is gold. To gain benefits and money one must pay attention and learn the tricks of Forex Marketing.

Stay away from opportunities

Never go with words like ‘make money easily’ because no such thing exists it always needs hard work and passion to make money. No one can gain a profit of 20% or so within a month using Forex Trading, if anyone says so it is false or a scam because Forex Trading takes much screening time, patience, intelligence, and smart acts to gain profits.

In Forex Trading money can not be gained that easily, but one may have an additional source of income if he or she learns the strategies of trading, pays attention, gives time, and remain dedicated.

There are the following three Signs of Scams in Trading Investment.

1.Trading systems and Education without any proof

Several scammers can be observed selling Trading systems and education. When such scammers are asked to show the proofs of their Trading history they are found clueless. Other type od traders which one can encounter are those who provide systems without Trading room or/and other services.

Such scammers can also be termed as ‘Snake oil’. The term Snake oil is used by traders for those who make false trading and offer the system without any valid proof of the trading history.

The beginners often stay worried about how to start and from where to start. Here are the three concepts of Trading education which can be proved beneficial to rank top in the Market. The following steps are followed by consistent Traders to remain on top.

Get a mentor

To remain on a right track on this platform one surely needs a mentor. . A mentor helps to teach that development of bad habits and being emotional affects the trading career and if these bad habits are not corrected earlier they might cause a bad impression on the later career.

The beginner might learn from the experiences of the mentor, the mentor surely had the same fears, same hesitation, and had committed many mistakes which can be avoided by the learner. Over time a student will learn a lot under the guidance of the mentor and might surpass the mentor.

Understand what you are doing

Sometimes we jump into something without knowing its depth. Surface knowledge is not always sufficient to start something new. The same is the case with Forex Trading, though Trading is not directly related to high education, instead, it is based on rules, strategies, and information, but yet it is not a piece of cake. In-depth knowledge of Trading is necessary a few tips and tricks are not enough to be a number one trader.

Forge your Trading Path

The beginners can easily be trapped with words like ‘I have cracked the code for successful Trading’, such words can only attract easy money makers, while in Trading there is no way of making money so easily.

No matter how many appealing words are used to catch the attention, no matter how many tricks are played to befool the trader, the trader must not go for ‘easy come’ techniques because what comes easily goes easily. The Trader must take guidance from the mentor and should also make all the possible researches to make a way in the Market.

2.Email Spam asking for personal information

We often get Emails altering about the Scams. The Scammers ask for personal information, like:

– Full name

– Contact number

– Home address

– Card numbers

Personal information must not be revealed to strangers or to the one who is not trustworthy. Brokers who do not provide risk disclosure statements remain suspicious and must be avoided. Some Brokers might provide the statement, in such case, the statement must be read carefully to avoid any chance of betrayal.

3.No Background

All those people who decline to provide their background information should not be chosen to work with; either it is a Trader, a Broker, an educator, a money manager, or someone else. Before making any move do check and confirm if the company or client is legitimate.

According to a report by New York Magazine, a youngster from the Queens city of New York, USA made millions of dollars by Trading Stocks during his lunch break at Stuyvesant High School, but actually, the table was turned down, no money was made at all due to the fact his profits were made in a Paper Trading account.

How to know if a Forex Broker is a Scam

Following steps can be followed to avoid Scams

  1. Visit the targeted site.
  2. Check the forums on site.
  3. Observe all the negative reviews of the Broker.
  4. Beware of the withdrawal complaints.
  5. Before opening the account, read the print carefully.
  6. Initiate with a small amount of Investment.

Is Meta FX Global Legit or Scam?

Meta FX Global is not a scam,  if it was scammed then Bitkrypton was not shifted to  Meta FX Global, and easily Bitkrypton website goes under maintenance or whatever. One thing kept in your mind there are many fraud investment companies like, B4U, StockSons, or other companies I just mentioned below.

They have no strategy to run their platform, they worked for some time and even closed at the end of domain expiry. Note: Please believe on .com Domains.

Bitkrypton was a company by which people frustrated about their investment but Meta FX Global is a Broker and they mentioned lots of information about their strategy, you can directly contact them.

The Financial Commission is an external dispute resolution body and independent mediator for brokers and traders and does not regulate its member’s activities. Our organization accepts complaints from traders who engage specifically in self-directed trading with our broker members. Is Meta FX Global Scam

The Financial Commission does not require broker member customers to submit KYC information for the purposes of filing a dispute or complaint against a broker member. 

Meta FX Global was founded to provide traders and investors with the best trading experience they deserve. With an aim to offer traders an exceptional trading environment, advanced trading tools, commendable execution speed, and a superior overall trading experience, META FX Global gathered a team of professionals with extensive experience in FX markets and Fintech.

META FX Global cares about its clients’ trading experience and success, which is why providing its clients with unmatched trading services and support to help them achieve their financial goals. The company’s team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year to give clients support whenever they need it.

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Have a Question? We’re Here to Help!

Reach out to us in case of any queries, we are here to provide you will all the information that you need. we are available 24/7 to answer all your questions and create the best possible online trading experience.

Registered Address

MetaFX Global LLC, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building James Street,Kingstown,Saint Vincent and the Grenadies


Need Help?

Get in touch with our customer care team to get the answers you’re looking for.

You can also call on the following numbers but we are not a company representative we are investors:

  1. Ch. Umair (+923057045742 )

  2. Muhammad Usman (+996555331990)

  3. Umar Farooq (+923138027508)

Trade Activation on Meta FX Global – Bitkrypton

How to Verify Meta FX Global Account?


Scam Brokers List

# Broker Website


1 FX NextGen Offshore license
2 Calibur No license
3 Titan FX Offshore License
4 FTE FX Offshore License
5 Prime XBT Offshore License
6 Tradersway Offshore License
7 MidasGlobe No License
8 Kronosinvest No license
9 Binomo Offshore license
10 Circleforex No license
11 First BTC FX No license
12 EssenceFX Offshore license
13 EvisionFX No license
14 RickGlobal Offshore license
15 RCM FX Offshore license
16 247SmartFx No license
17 Traderia Offshore license
18 FX Options24 No license
19 JustForex Offshore license
20 TBFX No license
21 MGM Markets No license
22 OlympusMarkets Offshore license
23 Sure Forex Trade No license
24 CFreserve No license
25 Fern No license
26 Capital TradeFX Offshore license
27 FX PREMIUM Offshore license
28 Pari Fx Trade Offshore license
29 InvestTeck No license
30 Aduno Capital No license
31 S&P Broker No license
32 Capital88 Offshore license
33 4xincome Offshore license
34 TopTradePro Offshore license
35 Go Capital FX Offshore license
36 Swiss Investment Fx Offshore license
37 Smartoptionfx No license
38 Globalix Offshore license
39 Libra Markets No license
40 Monfex Offshore license
41 iFXOPTION No license
42 GoldFxTrading Offshore license
43 GoTechFx Offshore license
44 Ultrontradefx No license
45 FXIG Trades No license
46 4xpremium No license
47 TurboForex Offshore license
48 Swissinv24 Offshore license
49 Golden Key Pro Offshore license
50 UproFx No license
51 GoldmanCFD Offshore license
52 GCG Asia No license
53 Trade Global Market No license
54 AZ Trades Offshore license
55 IC Finance Offshore license
56 69Brokers No license
57 TraderUR Offshore license
58 WandaFx No license
59 SeRex Investments No license
60 Tradepro Capitals Offshore license
61 KayaFX No license
62 PTBanc Offshore license
63 Millennium FX Offshore license
64 Kapitalfx No license
65 PRIMEXQ No license
66 Obsbit Offshore license
67 SwiftCFD Offshore license
68 BlueMax Capital Offshore license
69 ItradeFXoption No license
70 70Trades Offshore license
71 Capital Hall Offshore license
72 K2 Wall Street No license
73 CapitalFXclub No license
74 Worldwide CapitalFX Offshore license
75 TradeInvest90 Offshore license
76 ADN Markets Offshore license
77 Hugosway Offshore license
78 Brokerz Offshore license
79 Trading Epic No license
80 FXNobels No license
81 Swiss Capital Invest No license
82 Lockwood Investments Offshore license
83 CFDpremium Offshore license
84 MegaTradeFX Offshore license
85 ProFxPremium Offshore license
86 Dax300 Offshore license
87 FXLeader Offshore license
88 Blue Trading No License
89 Olymp Trade No License
90 Trader.Online Offshore license
91 Ace Forex Offshore license
92 GxFX No License
93 Forex Grand Offshore License
94 BTCHOME Offshore License
95 FXtrade777 Offshore license
96 AitsFX Offshore license
97 ZeegosFX Offshore license
98 Citifxmarkets No license
99 Finbitex Offshore license
100 Golden Financial No license
101 MaxiTrade Offshore license
102 FXLinked Offshore license
103 Ideal Global Trading No license
104 VolumeFX Offshore license
105 The55thFx No license
106 KapitalSwiss No license
107 ZonggangCaifu No license
108 Phy Capital Investments Limited No license
109 eMarketsTrade No license
110 Esplanade Offshore License
111 No License. Clone Firm.
112 Bex Options No license
113 Affliated Trade Group No license
114 Kingston Trading No License
115 Wigmarkets Offshore license
116 City Global Trading No License
117 Option94 No License
118 TheCryptoLimited No License
119 Pro X Finance Offshore license
120 Circle Markets Offshore license
121 Pinprotrade Offshore license
122 NewSolid No license
123 Cointeck No license
124 OneLife Offshore license
125 UKFinvest Offshore License
126 Emporio Trading Offshore License
127 EasyTrade No License
128 Chrono FM No License
129 OMC Markets No License
130 CFD Trend Offshore License
131 Easy FX Trade No license
132 United FCG No license
133 No License. Negative Reputation.
134 CCM Clearing No License
135 OriginalCrypto No License
136 4xCube Offshore License
137 Bitalong No License
138 Your Trade Choice Offshore license
139 FinmarkFX Offshore license
140 LiteFinTech Offshore license
141 TradeLTD No license
142 ForexChief Offshore License
143 KryptoWize No License
144 BigOption Offshore License
145 Golden FX Offshore license
146 Solidary Markets FX No license
147 DCA-Finance No License
148 CryptoNetto No License
149 Daiju Commodity Markets No License
150 GWIT No license

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  1. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah feeling proud. Because I am also partner of meta FX global …it’s totally legal not scam…….it’s a great platform for us…

  2. You won’t publish my comment, I know.
    But if you search “First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building James Street,Kingstown,Saint Vincent and the Grenadies” on Google. You will find that tens of scam companies are registered on this proxy address. But to earn the profit in MLM, you need to decieve people which your just doing by trying to proof that this scam is real.

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